Super fun, sublimation transfers!

Sublimation is a chemical process in which a substance changes directly from a solid phase to a gaseous phase. The liquid phase of the substance is thereby skipped. The heat and pressure of the press create a connection between the print impression and the material, it becomes one whole. So you don't feel the imprint either. This is often used with mugs, key rings, phone cases, bags and T-shirts.

So if you think screen printing is too much hassle, and even our super handy ready to print screens you don't like because you get dirty fingers when screen printing ... then this is a super nice alternative!

You design an image (or you buy a special sublimation image on Etsy), we print it with our special sublimation printer and special ink, we send the print to you, and you press it on, for example, a t-shirt or bag! No dirty fingers, no hassle, just press and you can put on the T-shirt right away! Click on the image below and read all the important details there!



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