How do you start with screen printing?

Are you new to this super fun world of screen printing? Then you've come to the right place! Maybe you don't know where to start and are you looking for an (online) silk screen workshop? Stop looking! Because with us you get all online workshops, information, tips & tricks completely FREE! Really free?! Yes really free!

There are many providers of screen printing materials that offer screen printing workshops, but you have to pay for that and often they are not cheap. We also followed them ourselves out of curiosity. Each time we were disappointed after attending a paid online workshop. There is often more talk in the videos than screen printing. So we decided to just put our workshop videos online and for free, and without blah blah! And a lot of information is also described and explained on our website, free of charge of course.

And we think that with a little common sense you can really go on your own, so we don't sell screen printing books either ... creativity is in you and you have to DO screen printing!

Go to our YouTube channel for the silkscreen workshops

On our YouTube channel (click here) you can watch all the videos to start screen printing. We are old skool ... so no hip videos and backgrounds and commercials. You only see our hands, the squeegee and the ink! We do not talk in the videos, all videos are subtitled in Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.  In short ... with us you immediately see what matters ... screen printing.

Ok...let's go! 

  1. You go to our YouTube channel
  2. Selects 'Playlists'
  3. And you start with the 'Basic' videos
  4. Then you watch the other videos
  5. The videos are short and to the point and you can also read information on the website on the page 'information, tips & tricks'
  6. Also take a look at this website at the downloads for handy lists


Below an introduction video, watch the other videos on YouTube!

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