Screen printing frame for textiles - 54 T.

You can use this screen for printing on textiles, of both dark and light textiles.

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Aluminum screen printing frame for screen printing on textile - 54 T

This window is covered with screen printing mesh 54T. Because the mesh is firmly attached to the frame with glue, you are assured of a nice, tightly stretched window with a continuous and equal screen tension. You can use this window for printing on textiles, both dark and light textiles.
And because it is made of aluminum you can clean it super easy and fast.

These windows can be used for classic screen printing, so with emulsion and exposure and you can use them for the stencil and stencil techniques for environmentally friendly screen printing.

The inner size of this window is 29 cm x 37 cm, so that is slightly larger in length than A4 format. So perfect for large images on T-shirts and bags, but of course also for (multiple) small images.

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Material: aluminum

Inner size: 29 x 37 cm
Outer size: 35 x 43 cm
Profile: 2 cm wide x 2.4 cm high
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