Screen printing starter sets

Not sure where to start? Or are you not sure yet whether you will really like screen printing? Or are you looking for a nice gift for someone? Then a screen printing starter package is a good start!

The package contains everything you need for the first introduction to screen printing. There are different packages, namely a package for screen printing with templates, a package for screen printing with our Ready To Print screens (with your own image!) Or a combination package for both. Please note ... these are introductory packages, it is a first introduction to screen printing.

Do you want to tackle it right away? Then a starter package may be too limited for you. You can of course supplement this with other articles. Download our shopping list and you will know exactly what you need.

The packages are ready-made for a special price. It is therefore not possible to omit items from the package or to replace them with something else. You can of course order additional items via the webshop, or put together a different package yourself.



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